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Advocacy for Policy Change

The stone quarry sector has extremely poor legislative protection and its workers are deprived of even basic human rights. Santulan has the following issues that require policy change:

  Educational provision for Stone quarry Children until the Age of 18.

 Creation of a Welfare Board with allocation of 50% of the Mining Development Fund for workers welfare in the State.

 Categorization under Below Poverty Line (BPL) and access to Public Food Distribution services in worker’s residential zones.

 The state government should set up independent Primary Health Centers in each of the stone quarry zones and provide medical     insurance for all female and male workers.

  Government Pension Scheme for women workers at the age of 40 and men at the age of 50.

 Allotment of land for Housing to Stone quarry workers across the State.

 Softening of the documentary requirements in accessing caste certificates and welfare schemes.

 Rs. 5 lacs to each accident affected family in the stone quarry sector.

 Reservation on Government owned land for Workers Cooperatives and exemption on royalty provisions for weaker section     cooperatives.

 Standardization of workers’ wage rate across the State.

 Set up control over extreme mechanization in the labor intensive small scale stone quarry sector.

 Creation of Stone Quarry Workers Protection Act.
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